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Community and Conservation Fund

Publicity Guidance for grant funded projects

River Stour

In the event of your project securing a grant award, your work is funded by one of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) grant giving programmes, working in partnership with a network of organisations to manage grants available to communities.

Your innovative work deserves recognition and we encourage you to strongly publicise your grant award - the AONB can work with you to support this. Publicity is a powerful tool to celebrate and promote the successes of your project, and for the AONB to monitor and evaluate grant funded projects. 

The AONB and partners want it to be known that our funds are a part of your efforts to conserve and enhance the AONB, and so we ask that you give recognition of the funding support provided by the grant in any publicity. 

This Publicity Guidance is to advise Community & Conservation Fund (CCF) grant funded projects on:

  1. Conditions and expectations of the Community & Conservation Fund
  2. Support available to your project from the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Team
  3. Use of logos
  4. Use of digital platforms

1 Conditions of Offer - In acceptance of your grant award we ask that you:


  • Acknowledge - Give recognition of the funding support provided by the CCF grant in any publicity. This acknowledgement should use the AONB logo and also be included in any publicity for your completed project. Suggested use of the following text: “This project has been [part] funded by the Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Community & Conservation Fund”


  • Proof read – Before releasing any publicity, please request sign-off from the AONB Team. Ideally this should be at least one week before any proposed promotions. This will help to ensure that the grant logos have been used correctly, allow for proof-reading and confirm that there are correct references to the grant fund before release/printing.

  • Examples of publicity that needs to be signed off by the AONB Team are: press releases, promotional materials and publications e.g. leaflets, displays, signage, artwork, reports, newsletter articles, maps, learning resources, books, also presentations and web pages.  Social media posts do not need to be signed off by the AONB Team but please ensure the appropriate tags in your social media post so we can support digital engagement with your project.

Provide evidence for final claim - Your project is required to provide publicity evidence in support of your final claim as follows:

A Final Monitoring Report including: 

  • Photos of the project (at least two) for publicity use with the appropriate consents in place.
  • Copies of relevant press releases and publicity, including digital coverage
  • Demonstration of measurable success of your project e.g. social media posts/publicity records/statistics. 
  • If there is a lot of publicity, choose a few ‘highlights’ from each media platform. 
  • Feedback or quotes from participants

The Community & Conservation Fund Panel and the AONB reserve the right to use any material submitted for publicity purposes. 

2 Publicity support from the AONB Team

Plan ahead with your publicity and recognition of the grant award. Consider writing a brief communications plan including how you are going to record and evaluate your project publicity. Share your plans with the AONB Team so that we are aware and can be involved in the process. 

The AONB Team can support your project through its communication networks, so please contact us if there are any publicity opportunities for your project that we can help to maximise.

Your AONB Team Contacts for publicity are: 

AONB Grants Officer (first point of contact) - Oka Last - [email protected]

AONB Communications Officer - Tom Fairbrother - [email protected]

3 Use of Logos

The appropriate AONB logo should be used for all Community & Conservation Fund publicity is shown:

4 Use of digital platforms

For all digital platforms (website, e mail signatures and social media) – Write about your project, featuring the fund logo and mention the ‘Community & Conservation' grant support, ideally linking to the AONB website.


Social media links and tags: 

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