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Volunteers at Levington Beachwatch

Not only is litter horrible to look at, it’s dangerous for people and wildlife. Animals such as whales, turtles, fish and seabirds frequently become entangled in marine litter, and many die as a result.

Beachwatch is the Marine Conservation Society's (MCS) national beach cleaning and litter survey programme where people all over the UK can care for their coastline.

At a Beachwatch event volunteers clean and survey 100m of beach. The information is then sent to MCS who analyse the data, act against the worst marine pollution offenders and lobby for changes in legislation.

Throughout the year there are several organised Beachwatch events along the Suffolk coast.

If you’d like to take part you can either:

  1. Check the list of events on the MSC website, click on ‘view details and register’ to book on an event and find out more
  2. Register as a Suffolk & Essex Coast & Heaths National Landscape Beachwatch volunteer and join one of our quarterly events.

Annual Beachwatch Results for Suffolk

The Great British Beach Clean

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) organise the Great British Beach Clean every September. This iconic annual event has led the way in tackling ocean pollution for over 25 years.

The event has made significant impacts on beach litter and campaigns such as the plastic bag charge, banning microplastics in personal care products, better wet wipe labelling, and supporting a tax on single-use plastic items.

Organising a Beach Clean

If you would like to organise a Beachwatch survey either as a one off or regular event visit the MCS website. The Suffolk & Essex Coast & Heaths National Landscape advocates that groups undertake a survey of all the litter collected, as the data helps MCS campaigns and their lobby for better seas around the UK. 

Please contact us if you would like to borrow any equipment for your event or you want any advice. See the equipment (PDF) list for more information.

For more information on any of the volunteering opportunities and roles, please contact Countryside Project Officers Neil Lister.